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Post Kickstarter Funding Update and World Autism Awareness Day

It's been a few weeks since my Kickstarter campaign ended and it has been full steam ahead! I received my Kickstarter funds on Wednesday and today I made the donation to the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation. I chose to round up to $400 dollars (the exact amount would have been $387). Stickers will be ordered today and books will be sent to the printers within the next two weeks!

I also wanted to mention that today is World Autism Awareness Day. You can learn more about autism as well as ASDF at Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation - About Autism, as well as World Autism Awareness Day.

Again, thank you all for helping make this possible. More updates will come in the next few weeks as I start to make toys and receive the stickers and books! Stay tuned :)



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