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Kickstarter: Titch the Snog, Let's Print a Book

Let's print a book! This children's book, A Little Snog, was my senior project while I was going to school for my animation degree. I have been working towards this goal for well over a year and a half now, and I'm finally ready to print. I had several draft versions of the book made up and gifted to family and friends over the holidays, and received approval from about a dozen kids, ages 3 to 9.

A Little Snog is a 29 page rhyming book, perfect for parents to read with their little ones as well as children learning to read on their own. The words are short and printed in a large format, save for a few fun "grown-up" words peppered through the story, because let's be frank, when you were six years old and learned that one, special, big grown-up word, you wanted to use it all the time, right?

While it is not mentioned in the book, the character's name is Titch; I have big plans for Titch, which include more narrative-style books to grow with the interest of my small readers.

Upon receiving your book, you will see that the book is dedicated to Weston. Weston was my nephew, we lost him unexpectedly last year. Weston was on the autistic spectrum, and a portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation. I am hesitant to declare a specific percentage, as I know unplanned costs can add up with Kickstarter projects, but I'd like to aim for 10% of the book proceeds to go to ASDF.

In addition to printed copies of the book as backer rewards, I will also be including limited quantities of resin toy figures, as well as stickers as optional tiers.

Visit​ to check out the campaign and vote for the Kickstarter exclusive Titch the Snog sticker, in the comments of Update #3.

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