I made a mistake...

So, I've really been using my molds and cranking out Snog figures. It's fun, I'm learning and I'm even building a bit of confidence in what I'm doing. Was building confidence, that is...

So I made a batch of both big and little snogs Friday evening. I did them quite quickly and they turned out pretty good. My brother was in town so we scheduled a quick impromptu family dinner that night, and I wanted to bring some along to show the fam.

Without a bunch of details, I gave my mom and sister each a glow in the dark little snog, and my brother kept the big two tone one pictured. It was my best one yet. The quality was stellar and the glitter blue shell against the pearlescent body looked awesome (again, photos don't do them justice).

The little blue guy, also pictured, turned out really well too. I was really excited to make more in this style. I was planning on keeping that one, but due to unforeseen circumstances and a whirlwind trip to San Antonio for Alamo City Comic Con, I gave it to a total stranger who really saved me from heaps of trouble (thanks again Bev!).

I got home mid afternoon today from San Antonio, and was excited to make some more glittery figures. I managed to get out two small and one large (not pictured) before things got complicated. I was on a roll, I was wanting to experiment with colors, so in addition to the glitter I had been using, I went and found more craft glitter from my craft stash of things I collect and rarely use. This was a dark blue Martha Stewart glitter, same brand and bottle type as some that I had used already, what could go wrong?...

I know some chemical substances will cause resin and/or silicone not to set, e.g. sulfer, but since I have had zero trouble so far, I wasn't even thinking new glitter could be problematic...

I didn't take a photo of what happened next, but I did try to fix it, make it worse and then take photos, so bear with me.

The resin did not set all the way with this dark blue glitter batch. The shells were still squishy. The large snog came out cleanly and was just a little soft, while the little guy had visible liquid resin left in the mold. I left it alone for a bit to see if it would harden... nope. I tried to pick as much as I could out with a toothpick, and then tried to wash it with soap (dawn) and water. This really didn't do anything.

I then left it alone for an hour or so, came back and it had seemed to have dried. I again tried with the toothpick, not much luck. I tried spraying it out with some canned air, it was a little help. Next I decided maybe if I do a new batch with nothing in it, it would harden and pull the remnants out.

NOPE... This did not work either, in fact, it made things worse...

And to top things off, I tried it in the big mold as well, also wouldn't harden all the way... so now I have (my only) two molds with gooey-non-setting-resin in them... I don't know what to do. I have other work to do, so I'm just going to wait until tomorrow night and do some research. I have a feeling mold 3.0 is on the horizon, which I was planning on doing anyway, but I thought I would at least have the others in tact for a bit longer...

(the last batch of resin I poured was just supposed to be clear, notice how it turned white, I'm not sure what happened, but I know it is no bueno)


Ultimately, I think I permanently damaged my molds. The saga continues.

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