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Portfolio Show: Mission Accomplished

All in all, it was a success! I was able to show off draft copies of my book, A Little Snog, and the support I had from friends and family was great. I was actually surprised at how many showed up to see me.

Advice for future graduates who happen to read this, make sure your reel includes only original works that belong to you... I wasn't job-shopping at portfolio show and really had been focusing on my book for the last 2 quarters, so getting a good reel together didn't quite ever happen. I knew we would have big computer monitors set up for us at the show, and that I better have had something playing on it. The night before the show, I threw a compilation of some of my better projects. NBD, right? Well it solicited many naive questions, asking if I was the illustrator/animator for footage that included hallmark Disney & Hanna-Barbera, shockingly enough from AI staff members. At first I thought the were trying to get me for copyright infringement, but no, they were just very ignorant-of-the-craft faculty members (so glad to be done).

More info to come on the book, awaiting some fun legal copyright stuff, but these are exciting times :)

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