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48th Annual ECC Conference

I just got back from ECC and it was fantastic! I'm extremely fortunate in representing my company in the 3 year program known as the Future Leader group; which is essentially composed of the best and brightest of the oil and gas industry's up and coming leaders. This was my second year in the program and it was an utter privilege. If you look at my twitter feed for all of last week, you will see that I was live tweeting most of the event. It was tiresome, but well worth it. The speakers and thought provoking topics were fantastic and to top it all off, it was at the JW Marriott Resort in Palm Desert, California. Again, an utter privilege.

Much of my workload for the past few months leading up to ECC was entirely related to the conference, so it was really nice to see multiple projects to fruition. In addition to this timeline for work, I'm finishing school this week, so i very much felt that all of my deadlines coincided, so personal win for finishing both up!

That's it for now, onward and upward... there's work to get done.

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